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Evelyn + Keira // CHOP Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are always so uniquely beautiful and special…but this one hit my heart on an entirely different level. I have a two year old son & 10 month old daughter and the one thing I continue to learn – in every area of life but, especially, as a mama – is to constantly trust the lives of my babies (and myself) to the Lord. I’ve been entrusted with these lives to care for but, ultimately, they are not mine and I can only trust them to God! How much more did these parents learn this right off the bat…

Meet Caroline & Chris. Pennsylvania natives who have lived in Colorado for several years, came back to CHOP to have their two beautiful identical twin daughters who arrived early, back in February. Evelyn & Keira, weighing only 3lbs & 3lbs 12oz at birth, are miracle babies & have shown their strength! As I photographed this session & edited these images, I kept finding myself thinking about how motherhood is a hard and big enough transition on its own…but then to be in another state, away from my home, with multiple surgeries and doing hospital life instead of home life…wow. My eyes can’t help but well up with tears as I simply cannot imagine all that this sweet family has gone through! How wonderful that, through it all, they have trusted their baby girls to Jesus & have found their strength in Him.

I celebrate with the Field’s over how the girls are growing and gaining strength &, every day, are one day closer to leaving the hospital and starting life at home. In the mean time, what a gift it was for me to document all of the present snuggles and feedings and sleepy yawns and squeezes!

Enjoy this extra special feature with a double dose of cuteness!!



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