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{Wesley} Newborn Portraits

Christin & Keith have been more than just some of my favorite clients for some time now…they’ve been dear friends! I’ve known Christin since I can remember. Her & her sister and my sister & I grew up playing together, wearing matching dresses on Easter Sunday, etc. The childhood photos that I could share with you are endless…and quite entertaining! But, alas, I’ll spare you the images from some of my many awkward stages and share with you instead some portraits of Christin’s beautiful kiddos! We’ve gone from being babies together to having babies of our own!

A couple years ago, Christin & Keith had a little girl, Charley, & more recently added a boy to the mix! I had the chance to document this special time for their family of four! Enjoy today’s feature as you meet Wesley Adams!!!


{My First Three Months of Being a Mama}

Hi, friends!!!

The three months of my maternity leave has come and gone so quickly. It’s been the most absolutely wonderful whirlwind of my life. Giving birth was the most challenging and incredible thing I have ever done. Experiencing my heart have an instant and endless depth of love for this brand new person who has to do nothing to earn it has been life-changing…and has allowed to me to better understand the heart of the Father in a way I never have before! Watching my body quickly recover from carrying a (9 lb)  human has been crazy and awesome – it’s amazing how we were truly designed to do this. Being able to sustain his little life with food and love and care that I produce has been…indescribably wonderful. Seeing my husband become a dad leaves me in tears of joy and thankfulness on a daily basis. This truly has been the BEST 3+ months of my life and I don’t take a single moment for granted. My heart oozes, each day, with gratitude as I give thanks constantly for my life, my marriage and my family that is better than I could have ever asked or imagined.

My days are much different than they have ever been and it feels like everything in my heart has shifted now that our son, Haven, is here. It feels like every ounce of selfishness is getting squeezed out of me now that my days are devoted to raising my boy. Life has sped up and slowed down all at once – days flying by and are counted by laundry loads, tummy time, breastfeeding, dirty diapers, etc.

Having my own family has given me a new and different perspective as a photographer. Every newborn session reminds me of my own baby and interactions with parents feel deeper and different now that I am one. It’s a gift to be able to shoot and see lives through my mama-heart. While I am so excited to be back to scheduling portrait sessions and have a few hours to myself doing something that I love throughout the week, I am even more excited to get home to my baby at the end of the day! For the last several years, I have concentrated on building my business so that now, in this season of growing my own family, I would be able to keep my family the priority and have the flexibility to work around staying home. All that to say…I can’t wait to schedule and shoot and share photos with you all – however, I will be scheduling less shoots as my main focus is my own family. Be sure to reach out sooner than later if you are interested in a spring or summer portrait session as my calendar is already getting quite full!

I have several sessions I’m in the middle of editing and will be sharing with you in the days to come but, first, let me share some personal photos of my sweet boy! Meet Haven Rhys Wise!


(All portraits captured by the amazingly talented, and dear friend, Becka Pillmore!)

{Looking Back on 2014}

One of the greatest gifts of 2014 was being able to transition full-time into photography. I have learned you can only do so many things well but don’t always have the luxury to choose – however, I was blessed after years of hard work (and several leaps of faith) to leave a full-time job that I had been at for years with a community of people I love to work for myself and pour solely into my photography business. You would think going from working 70+ hours/week between two full-time jobs down to one would be an easy move but it actually came with its share of tears and growing pains! I am not someone who finds my identity in my work/career (or so I thought) but I realized during this transition that not only had I had a hard time separating my self from work… that I also needed to learn a couple of major things:

…to rest. After years of such a demanding lifestyle, resting was completely foreign to me and I battled guilt every time I sat down to try and engage with it. What a learning process…and then to learn how to maintain rest and health in the midst of building my schedule back up again…so important!

…to remember who I am completely separate from work.

…to relearn how to enjoy holding a camera and constantly meeting new people – because it’s something that I truly love to do and not just my “job” or one of the million things on my to-do list. I’m thankful to have found refreshment and new inspiration after teetering on burnout.

Over the last year, I have photographed close to 100 portrait sessions and met some incredible new clients/friends! I’ve spent a majority of my sessions working with families, children & newborns, which has made me so very excited for my greatest transition of all in 2014 (and life! haha)…being pregnant! I am only days away now from meeting our first little boy!!! We are over-the-moon, already-so-in-love with our little man & are quite anxious to meet this wiggly teeny person that we’ve been praying for and that God has been crafting inside of me over the last 9 months! I’m sure as I spend my days ahead with our babe, I will fall in love with photography all over again as I take too many photos of his every move and detail. I’ll be sure to share the good news when he arrives. Until then, I’ve got some other things to share…a look back on 2014!

I loved combing through my files from the last year & am excited to share with you this slideshow of my favorite images from each session! Enjoy & I can’t wait to see who I will be able to photograph in 2015! I’m confident this next year will be my favorite yet! (I am beginning to schedule now for the Spring 2015. I’m planning to return from my maternity leave in ~April so don’t hesitate to contact me should you be interested in a session!)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, friends!!! <3

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