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{Theodore} Chester County Newborn Photographer

Happy Birthday today to one of my dearest girlfriends, Sara….who, only a few weeks ago, welcomed her third precious boy into the world!! It’s wonderful to have a friend who just gets you & who has faithfully walked with you in and out of so many seasons of life…but then to get married & have kids together, kids who are best buds…it really doesn’t get any better!!

Meet Theodore – Theo! Naturally, this third born is super easy-going and content! I loved sneaking in some snuggles of my own…and seeing his big brothers “shushing” him when he was crying. Love it!

Boys are taking over on the blog today…enjoy!


Clint + Charis // Chester County Maternity Photographer

You know what feels really good? Vacationing…unplugging entirely…and not missing it even a little!

You know what also feels really good? Coming home & getting organized and back into routine!

We are slowly getting settled back in after a lovely beach getaway! While my own (way overtired) babies get caught up on their sleep this morning, I’m getting in some extra time to work…and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share this maternity session that I’ve been sitting on. This gorgeous session was shot at Longwood Gardens & features two very dear friends of ours & they’re growing babe!

I’m all about being present, enjoying it & not wishing it away…but, if I’m honest, I really can’t wait until it’s August & I’m posting their next feature because that will mean sweet Baby Creasy will be here and in our arms!! This little one is already loved so much! In the mean time, pour your coffee and drink with me…and, together, we can all agree that this maternity session is the most beautiful EVER!

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{Alexander} Delaware County Newborn Photographer

What a treat it is for me…being invited into people’s homes just days after their much-anticipated baby has been welcomed into the world! How wonderful to be given the honor to document all of those new moments with their precious babe & every tiny detail, yawn, coo and kiss! As if this alone doesn’t make my job the best, I love when my clients actually become friends!!

Meet the Dryer family! I would have NEVER guessed when I photographed their first baby’s newborn portraits that I would soon be moving only a few houses down the street with my own growing family! Our kiddos are similar ages & I am thankful to see this sweet family often (& photograph them often, too!)! Doug & Lindsey recently had their second son, Alexander, and we had a lot of fun photographing him…and his spunky, proud older brother, James! Alexander didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun and showed off his beautiful big eyes while he watched us, wide-eyed, throughout most of our time together! I’m excited to share these two handsome redheaded brothers today…prepare for your heart to melt…



Evelyn + Keira // CHOP Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are always so uniquely beautiful and special…but this one hit my heart on an entirely different level. I have a two year old son & 10 month old daughter and the one thing I continue to learn – in every area of life but, especially, as a mama – is to constantly trust the lives of my babies (and myself) to the Lord. I’ve been entrusted with these lives to care for but, ultimately, they are not mine and I can only trust them to God! How much more did these parents learn this right off the bat…

Meet Caroline & Chris. Pennsylvania natives who have lived in Colorado for several years, came back to CHOP to have their two beautiful identical twin daughters who arrived early, back in February. Evelyn & Keira, weighing only 3lbs & 3lbs 12oz at birth, are miracle babies & have shown their strength! As I photographed this session & edited these images, I kept finding myself thinking about how motherhood is a hard and big enough transition on its own…but then to be in another state, away from my home, with multiple surgeries and doing hospital life instead of home life…wow. My eyes can’t help but well up with tears as I simply cannot imagine all that this sweet family has gone through! How wonderful that, through it all, they have trusted their baby girls to Jesus & have found their strength in Him.

I celebrate with the Field’s over how the girls are growing and gaining strength &, every day, are one day closer to leaving the hospital and starting life at home. In the mean time, what a gift it was for me to document all of the present snuggles and feedings and sleepy yawns and squeezes!

Enjoy this extra special feature with a double dose of cuteness!!



Cameron + Julianne // Engagement Portraits

Friends, meet Jules + Cam! Their smiles and laughter are contagious..(you can almost hear it just by looking at these photos)…and their hearts are beautiful! I am grateful to call them friends and love that I was able to be the first photographer to capture either one of their portraits…ever! So, what better way to experience your first portrait session than to ride around & spontaneously pull over/jump out of the car, hike down a thorny hill & run through gorgeous open fields together…or hike barefoot through the chilly (freezing) Brandywine River?! It was worth it!! These two were amazing to work with…but even more amazing was seeing their love for one another & feeling confident that God himself is blessing them and providing as they enter into the oneness that is marriage. Couldn’t be more excited for all that’s in store for these two.

Now get ready for your cheeks to hurt…you’re guaranteed to smile through this entire feature…

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