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{Nelle} Chester County Newborn Photographer

Devon & Paul are dear friends of mine!! Devon and I used to be neighbors not so long ago, back before either of us were married and even before I owned a camera…but somewhere along the way we both got married and there are now five kids between the two of us! It’s so fun seeing how we’ve grown so much in such a short span of time.

Photographing her first baby, Burke, was one of my first newborn sessions..then came Cairns..and, most recently, they welcomed their second baby girl into the world – Nelle! This darling girl is so content and easy-going! She has the sweetest demeanor and was such a joy to snuggle and photograph!

Thank you, Devon, for giving me the joy of documenting such incredible milestones in the life of your growing family!


{The Specht’s} Chester County Family Photographer

Meet Nathaniel! He is just about the happiest boy I know!! My cheeks not only hurt from smiling at the end of photographing this session but also by the end of editing it! Such a sweet boy!!

We had a fun time at Longwood, exploring, crawling & splashing around and I am excited to share some photos from our time together. Enjoy!


{Cora} Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer

I’ve been busy editing lots of newborn sessions lately…and this one has been absolutely melting my heart! MEET CORA!! This cuddle bug did amazing & it felt so good to have a baby in my arms who was still! My babies are 11 (almost 12!) months & 2.5 years so there isn’t very much stillness around my house these days!

Cora couldn’t decide if she wanted to be wide-eyed and hang with us the whole time or snuggle up and sleep the afternoon away…our time together turned out to be a little bit of both which was perfect! We were able to capture some great images of her big, beautiful eyes & her sleepy self too! Enjoy this sweet session!



{Theodore} Chester County Newborn Photographer

Happy Birthday today to one of my dearest girlfriends, Sara….who, only a few weeks ago, welcomed her third precious boy into the world!! It’s wonderful to have a friend who just gets you & who has faithfully walked with you in and out of so many seasons of life…but then to get married & have kids together, kids who are best buds…it really doesn’t get any better!!

Meet Theodore – Theo! Naturally, this third born is super easy-going and content! I loved sneaking in some snuggles of my own…and seeing his big brothers “shushing” him when he was crying. Love it!

Boys are taking over on the blog today…enjoy!


Clint + Charis // Chester County Maternity Photographer

You know what feels really good? Vacationing…unplugging entirely…and not missing it even a little!

You know what also feels really good? Coming home & getting organized and back into routine!

We are slowly getting settled back in after a lovely beach getaway! While my own (way overtired) babies get caught up on their sleep this morning, I’m getting in some extra time to work…and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share this maternity session that I’ve been sitting on. This gorgeous session was shot at Longwood Gardens & features two very dear friends of ours & they’re growing babe!

I’m all about being present, enjoying it & not wishing it away…but, if I’m honest, I really can’t wait until it’s August & I’m posting their next feature because that will mean sweet Baby Creasy will be here and in our arms!! This little one is already loved so much! In the mean time, pour your coffee and drink with me…and, together, we can all agree that this maternity session is the most beautiful EVER!

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