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ANDREA {Lead Photographer}

I never envisioned myself as a business owner, let alone a photographer. I truly fell into photography on accident but it was made up of an incredible strand of events that have become such a part of who I am & I am so very grateful for that.

Remember those tiny pocket digital cameras we all had before iPhones and fancy DSLRs? Two very dear friends, completely unrelated to one another, would watch how much I enjoyed snapping photos with one of those tiny old cameras & both decided to give me incredible gifts to encourage me in this hobby. One gave me my first “real” camera, a Canon 5D Mark II & the other gave me an iMac. There I was, at the time, with the best equipment on the market…and not a clue how to use either of them! Without any formal training, in my typical Andrea-fashion, with nothing but some sudden major vision and motivation, I began what would quickly snowball into “Andrea Warden Photography”. As a young single professional, I went to work 40 hrs/wk at my 9-5 & then would fill up my evenings & weekends shooting weddings and portraits. In a short time, I was working over 80hrs/wk & traveling to do weddings. I’m so thankful that I quickly established a wonderful clientele (full of repeat clients-turned-friends) and really found my own style and niche. In 2013, with a LOT of excitement and faith (and a little fear!), I left an incredible job and made the jump to doing photography full-time! Best. Decision. Ever.

Back then, I was Andrea Warden…and, while I still do business under my maiden name, a lot has changed since then. After seven years of dating, and a quick two-month engagement, I got married (actually, that was the best decision ever) & am now Andrea Wise. My hubby, Jeremiah, and I have two darling kiddos who are our world – a son (Haven) and a daughter (Avonlea).

When I don’t have a camera in my hands, I’m full-on living mom-life (the most exhausting/amazing/rewarding responsibility ever). Jeremiah & I have also wrote & recorded our first EP and enjoy making music together. We are the Directors of Music Ministry at Liberti Church. I also love calligraphy, journaling, reading (when I can stay awake!), being outdoors…but, mostly, doing anything with my family!

As a wife and a mother, I understand more than ever just how quickly time goes by. My goal when photographing my clients is to capture the moments and genuine emotions that you will want to print and hold in your hands and see on your walls to document life’s most treasured seasons. While life is fleeting, your photographs will help these moments to live on!

(Photos courtesy of Becka Pillmore Photography & Kristen Chase Photography)

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